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Advice on blinds please

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MsMamaNature Wed 10-Apr-19 22:55:16

le42 Wed 10-Apr-19 08:42:57

Hi everyone, need your advice as I'm hopeless at home-know how and DIY.

We have a lovely bright lounge in a flat, it has three enormous sash windows (statement looking from the outside) including one that's a door leading to a balcony. We get the sun from 11am till sunset which sounds great BUT it means our lounge gets absolutely unbearably hot. Last summer we could barely sit in there unless directly in front of fan.

It's rented and I asked building company if they would replace the blinds and they have refused. I don't mind changing the blinds myself (they have agreed to) as I have a newborn baby and it will be dangerous for him in the summer.

Question is what type of blinds do I get that aren't blackout but will stop the sun when we need it.

Attaching a picture to give you an indication.

Thanks in advance!

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