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Help me decide on kitchen paint colour!

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GG20 Sun 07-Apr-19 11:21:47

Decided it's time to give the kitchen a fresh lick of paint - we've been here 4.5 years and not really done anything to the kitchen. It's currently white and boring, with teal tiles and gloss white units that have a dark brown trim. Both the tiles and units are in decent condition, if a bit uninspiring, so I don't really want the expense and upheaval of a complete kitchen overhaul.

However, I'm struggling to decide on a colour for the walls! Any suggestions would be welcome - the attached picture shows it as it was when we moved in (it's a bit more cluttered now wink), but the only real change is that the white table is gone and we have a kitchen island (an Ikea white/wooden one) in the middle now. We have reasonably high (10ft) Victorian ceilings and big windows, but the building opposite blocks out some of the natural light.

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Bea2663 Sun 07-Apr-19 17:26:51

Try a colour with a little yellow in it. This will enhance the colour of your teal kitchen tiles and also the work with the warmth of the wood. Little Greene Stock (mid-deep-dark) are lovely warm tints with yellow in them. They're also quite fresh-looking whilst still being quite subtle in tone.

GG20 Mon 08-Apr-19 06:17:56

Thanks - I hadn't thought of going yellowy!

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