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Help me decorate my extension (pic)

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kenandbarbie Sun 24-Mar-19 17:45:29

We have had an extension done. It is a family / tv room. It is very bright and empty at the moment - it's west facing. I have green velvet curtains up already and I don't really want to change the floorboards or the walls - all painted white.

What furniture would you put in it?

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PurpleDaisies Sun 24-Mar-19 17:49:01

Definitely keep the Christmas tree!

What’s in there already? I can’t tell from the picture. I’d probably just go fir a big squash sofa

Strawberry2017 Sun 24-Mar-19 17:50:36

I ❤️❤️❤️ your xmas tree!
I'd go comfy squishy furniture too. Make it a room everyone wants to be in.
A nice oversized sofa! X

kenandbarbie Sun 24-Mar-19 17:52:22

A white besta tv unit from ikea, but Ds has already broken it - so we will need a new tv unit! And a grey finnley sofa from next (sort of mid century looking with oak legs).

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kenandbarbie Sun 24-Mar-19 17:58:32

How about this sideboard for tv and bookcase bedside sofa?

Big chair in corner instead of Christmas tree?

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PurpleDaisies Sun 24-Mar-19 17:59:12

I like those. Is the sofa staying?

kenandbarbie Sun 24-Mar-19 18:00:16

For the moment anyway, I'm not to keen on it but stuck with it for now.

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flumpybear Sun 24-Mar-19 18:18:43

A theme - with those colours is probably go for nautical?!
What about one of those side boards with different coloured drawers?
Inspirations from Arighi Bianchi - great shop 🥰

CoolShoeshine Wed 27-Mar-19 20:50:41

Big tropical plants, some green accessories to tie in with the curtains and neutral/white furnishings.

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