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What will be the next navy blue?

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Mydressinggownismybestfriend Sun 17-Mar-19 08:45:37

I love the navy blue trend and when we extend was originally planning to use this shade for the office. However I know it’s been around a while now ... so what will be next? I know dark green is already a thing, will this become more popular? Any other similar colours? It’ll be a fairly small room.

I know it’s about what you like rather than what’s in fashion but I would like to stay on trend too and just create a beautiful work space smile

Do people have any thoughts on khaki as an interior colour? I love khaki but does it work on walls?

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BirdieInTheHand Sun 17-Mar-19 08:47:39

I've got dark green inside but it's more vibrant than khaki.

Mustard is also becoming increasingly popular.

But you should go with what you like, not what you think is fashionable.

Mydressinggownismybestfriend Sun 17-Mar-19 08:48:42

You’re absolutely right! The more I think about green though, the more I like it grin

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PersonaNonGarter Sun 17-Mar-19 08:49:12

I’m doing DSs bedroom in green olive.

The next big thing will be paint effects.

Motherofcreek Sun 17-Mar-19 08:49:15

Noooo I’m not ready to leave the navy yet!

Have a look on Pinterest.

I’m still hooked on with olive green and navy at the moment. I move in 2weeks so frantically trying to choose!

Motherofcreek Sun 17-Mar-19 08:50:13

I did think about charcoal but worried it may look too masculine

Mydressinggownismybestfriend Sun 17-Mar-19 08:50:45

I love navy too! I really do.

I think this is the only room we are going to ‘go bold’ with so I want it to be perfect.

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BiscuitDrama Sun 17-Mar-19 08:51:36

Are we not due a brown moment next?

MairzyDoats Sun 17-Mar-19 08:53:09

Oh dear lord, I hope not grin

Mydressinggownismybestfriend Sun 17-Mar-19 08:54:27

Oh surely not shock
I remember the cream/duck egg/chocolate brown thing from about 15 years ago.

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Motherofcreek Sun 17-Mar-19 09:02:20

My current living room is duck egg blue and cream but to be fair it is a naice Laura Ashley bird thing. It was lovely pre kids but they have killed my house and dd3 has tried to colour a bird in...

However my new house awaits and I’m seriously considering exposing a brick wall which would look lovely with a charchoal scheme with oak and natural fabrics. I’ve seen a large black metal lamp with gold underneath which would look amazing but it all maybe too dark

MairzyDoats Sun 17-Mar-19 09:56:14

Ooh yes to exposed brick, and charcoal will look fab. I'm doing DS1's room shortly and considering papering one wall in a brick effect but not sure if it will look a bit naff. Real brick much better.

MairzyDoats Sun 17-Mar-19 09:57:56

Incidentally OP my other choice is a deep teal. So almost as dark as navy but with a green undertone. I think it's going to have a moment.

Hollowvictory Sun 17-Mar-19 09:59:05

I love navy but its not a trend where we are. Grey is the trend.

Mydressinggownismybestfriend Sun 17-Mar-19 10:09:53

Thought I’d replied to this but it’s not shown! I love oak with any sort of grey (it makes it less ‘Hinchy’ wink)

Looking at houses here grey is definitely a big trend rather than navy which I think is maybe as houses tend to be more modern and ex LA rather than the older more tradition types that seem to be all over Pinterest and MN with picture rails etc which can possibly pull off these deep colours better?

We will definitely go grey for a lot of the house even though according to MN its on its way out. What’s the alternative? Magnolia? White?

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Mydressinggownismybestfriend Sun 17-Mar-19 10:13:03

I’m picturing a green like this on all the walls, probably a light grey carpet as that’s what’ll be elsewhere and I want just one carpet throughout, a cute sofa in the pink and gold accessories.

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donajimena Sun 17-Mar-19 10:14:59

Have you ever thought about choosing a colour you like rather than a trend?

Stormyday Sun 17-Mar-19 10:15:15

I’ve noticed coral/orange/terracotta making a comeback.

user1457017537 Sun 17-Mar-19 10:16:16

I would go pink and green or grey and pink with gold but not all three colours together, and I like contrast to throw colour!

Mydressinggownismybestfriend Sun 17-Mar-19 10:21:08

I do like these colours confused

Have you ever thought about not commenting on threads when you’ve got nothing useful to contribute?

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c75kp0r Sun 17-Mar-19 10:21:26

just out of interest, how long do these phases last? Don't know why I'm asking to be fair as my goal in life is generally to do everything I can to avoid having to repaint/redecorate and as long as it looks clean and bright, I don't mind overmuch about decor.

Mydressinggownismybestfriend Sun 17-Mar-19 10:22:34

I can’t imagine ever having orange in my house. When we moved into a rented house years ago one wall in the bedroom was bright orange, not very relaxing shock

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c75kp0r Sun 17-Mar-19 10:23:06

Now wondering how Mydressinggown could see what I was typing before I even posted it. Going to hide behind the sofa.

Mydressinggownismybestfriend Sun 17-Mar-19 10:24:44

I’m not entirely sure c75! Probably as soon as these trends have filtered through to us througj high street stores they’re on their way out in more knowledgeable circles grin

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Mydressinggownismybestfriend Sun 17-Mar-19 10:25:31

My 10.21 comment wasn’t to you c75 blush

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