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I'm in flooring sample hell!!

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sparkycase Fri 01-Mar-19 11:51:07


I'm wondering if someone can advise on a flooring retailer where the samples actually match the pictures?

I've just had some samples delivered and they are unrecognizable. How do they get away with this!?

My main bug bear at the moment is that anything that is meant to be 'rustic' or 'antique' just has a white or grey wash over it. It looks like the kids dropped some paint and I didn't have time to wipe it up properly.

Honestly, it's embarrassing how many samples I've ordered - you would think I have a fetish for them. But if just one looked how I expected I would have ordered by now.

Anyway, I've tried and flooringdirect and

Any advice much appreciated!!

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JessicaCH Fri 01-Mar-19 12:24:06

Maybe try Carpetright and

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