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Utilising a spare/guest room

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Echomama Sun 24-Feb-19 21:21:31

That was my idea, making it more of a day room kind of thing.
But the other half is so very very against it, so the piano will be going in the music room downstairs with the sound system!
He clearly doesn't have our imagination 😉

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PlasticPatty Sun 24-Feb-19 20:45:36

I think your idea of a piano room is great. Get some other musical stuff in there, and make the bed into a lounging space with lots of big cushions etc. I'd like it.

Echomama Sun 24-Feb-19 20:16:06

So we will be moving to a new place soon, smaller than what we currently have as we don't use two of the bedrooms we now have.
This new place will have a spare and it will actually be the biggest room in the house with a door outside to the upper garden.
I wanted to turn this room into the piano room with a spare double bed in. But the other half thinks it's a 'waste of a room' to put the piano in and just wants it more guest bed like. Which I think is even more of a waste as we only ever really have guests twice a year!

The kids will have their own rooms and then the baby's room will turn into the play room soon so that's out.
We don't need a dressing room or a usable study, although we do have a very old desk that we will need to place somewhere....

Any ideas on how you utilise your guest room?

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