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beds like attached photos

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julensaor Fri 22-Feb-19 01:23:01

I have a smallish room for 2 boys, floor space would work well with these kind of beds - don't really want bunks for a couple of reasons - but all these images come from pin interest ; with no link to real ordering potential. Anyone else done anything like this? Or are these made to measure beds where I would have to find a carpenter?

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Justagirlwholovesaboy Fri 22-Feb-19 01:37:59

Have you checked out ikea?

Monty27 Fri 22-Feb-19 01:43:14

They're lovely OP. I bet IKEA does something like them.
I did bunkbeds for mine but never liked them. They weren't cheap either

PerspicaciaTick Fri 22-Feb-19 01:46:35

They are called L shaped cabin beds which might help you search.
Here is one site

julensaor Fri 22-Feb-19 01:50:42

I have checked Ikea but nothing like it and I thought it would be the first place to go. Thanks Perspicacia, I think I have similar images from there, but the company that used to do these has a dead link now from that site. Would these be expensive to get made?

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StarJumpsandaHalf Fri 22-Feb-19 07:46:15

Different issues but it might be worth reading as lots of people talked about constructing bed bases on that thread.

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