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Please help me choose a colour to reupholster my cream sofa/chairs

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Amoregentlemanlikemanner Fri 15-Feb-19 20:49:39

Hello! I would like to reupholster the cream sofa in the picture, as it’s past cleaning. Any colour ideas welcome!
I don’t really like the pink tone of the curtains as my fireplace tiles are “teapot brown”

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Amoregentlemanlikemanner Fri 15-Feb-19 20:51:27

Maybe grey/blue like the cushion on the leather sofa?

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PersonaNonGarter Fri 15-Feb-19 20:53:56

I agree, pick out that blue colour from the cushion. Keep it light.

Amoregentlemanlikemanner Fri 15-Feb-19 21:11:03

Thank you!

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