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Have you made a mood board?

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user1494670108 Sun 10-Feb-19 22:44:49

I'm thinking of trying this as we have a big room to decorate.
How do I incorporate the things that are already there? Flooring, kitchen units etc?

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Coppermine Wed 13-Feb-19 14:18:54

Have you tried Pinterest? You can search for images with the type of furniture you already have and want to keep, then it might give you more ideas and save any you like to a 'board'

marjolaine Wed 13-Feb-19 15:01:09

Do you mean the kind of mood board that mocks up a room rather than colour/fabric ideas? I'm planning to do our bathroom soon so followed this guide: (sorry am on phone and don't know how to do clicky link!)

Coppermine Wed 13-Feb-19 20:44:49

Oh I've misunderstood the question. Just had a look at the blog and not seen that before but it's a great idea.

user1494670108 Wed 13-Feb-19 21:32:03

I meant an actual pin board with pictures and fabric swatches stuck on it. I've got a swatch of the fabric for the sofa coming and thought I could add some of the paint colour ideas but I then didn't know how to add in the flooring that's already there (a photo maybe?) and thought the little squares you get on a colour chart are probably too small?

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