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Mattress topper versus new matress

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Blondiecub0109 Mon 04-Feb-19 13:13:27

Hello looking for some advice as to whether a mattress topper would help this situation or whether I should cut my losses and get a new mattress.

We have a slatted double bed in spare room, husband and I slept on it for ~ 3 months whilst waiting for our bed to be delivered, and a few visitors have used it - probably slept on max 120 nights in total over past 3 years - so practically new.

Relatives who stay the most frequently have complained they find the mattress too firm. Tbh it is firm but that’s what DH & I prefer. However PFB DS will make an arrival any day now, and I don’t want the hard bed to become a barrier to these relatives visiting and bonding with him ( overnight stay necessary).

Do I try a top end mattress topper? Or do I just buy a new mattress? I’m considering the Premier Inn - Hypnos one as relatives mentioned they like it - my sister has it but on divan base - I’m concerned as all mattresses are firmer on a slatted base. I don’t want it to be worse! The current mattress I will probably donate to charity.

I’ve never had a matress topper so not sure how much difference they make?

I have suggested to relatives they pick out a new mattress and we’ll buy it, but one of them was really embarrassed about the other complaining and changed the subject.

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Imperfectsusan Mon 04-Feb-19 14:26:59

John Lewis Mattress toppers are the thing!

burritofan Tue 05-Feb-19 10:52:22

A John Lewis mattress topper saved my bacon when I was a lodger in a particularly grotty room with a rock-hard bed/mattress. Tried a cheap bit of memory foam from Amazon first but the smell gave me migraines and it just wasn't half as wonderful as John Lewis goose-down gorgeousness.

Izzy24 Tue 05-Feb-19 10:54:48

I love my John Lewis mattress topper and so do the hundreds of positive reviewers on the JL site.

The only downside is that it much harder to get out of bed in the morning!

Blondiecub0109 Sat 09-Feb-19 20:22:52

JL Mattress topper delivered today, bed now significantly higher, thanks for the advice, hope guests like it!

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