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Colour recommendations for girls room

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confuddeledconfuddel Wed 23-Jan-19 00:10:11

I need some inspiration, I'm not very good at visualising.
My dd is 2. Has pastel pink curtain with white stars on them and dinosaur bedspread (to entice her to stay in her own bed).
She has inherited bed and wardrobe which is bright pink and red confused I am going to look at also trying to repaint these. We can't afford to buy her new ones when these are still very functional.

I would like her room to be a pastel pink colour (I think) any suggestions or ideas to help me pull this room together.

The room is quite large. I've to also buy new carpet for it.

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confuddeledconfuddel Wed 23-Jan-19 19:27:16


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MsMamaNature Wed 23-Jan-19 21:08:03

What about Dulux Pretty Pink - it's a pink/lilac colour which would go well with your daughter's dinosaur bedding.

The Dulux website has a visualizer app which lets you use photos of your room to experiment with their colours.

I would probably paint the furniture white to make it more neutral and also to make it easier in terms of bedding etc so it doesn't clash.

Are you planning to paint the whole room pale pink or just one wall? If only one wall then you could perhaps try a more vibrant shade of pink. A bit like the picture on your Amazon link but obviously pink instead of lime green. This will give you some ideas of the pink colours available:

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