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paint for northwest bedroom

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pinklemonade84 Sat 19-Jan-19 09:46:19

We’re planning on moving dd to the larger northwest facing bedroom asap, but I’m having a nightmare choosing paint colours. Nothing seems to look right on the walls because of the light

Ideally I’d love to do a beach theme bedroom for her as I spotted this beautiful framed print in b&q yesterday and we’ve bought this bedding set for her

I want something to brighten the space and it not seem too cool. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions please as I’m really at a loss?

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GerbitaFillsbottomMcSimmons Sat 19-Jan-19 10:44:23

Love the bedding and print combo. Nancy's Blush by Farrow and Ball or a colour match for it (though not as good as the real thing) would work an absolute treat with the bedding and print.

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