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Tiny toilet decoration ideas

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trinity0097 Tue 01-Jan-19 20:38:21

We have a tiny toilet room that needs decoration. It literally has a toilet in it, and a blocked up window. No chance of opening up the window as the two storey extension was built where the window should be!

It’s currently terracotta wallpaper and grim.

I don’t know what to go for! Paint, if so what colour? Or wallpaper, if so what? Just outside the room is mid greasy carpet, and the other upstairs bedrooms are painted in a neutral colour with neutral carpet.

We could be bold, but am scared of being too bold! Lino ideas would be welcome too!

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Xiaoxiong Thu 03-Jan-19 12:56:12

I think a tiny toilet is perfect for some really bold wallpaper! You won't need much, and it won't clash with the rest of your decor if it's behind a door.

My downstairs loo is tiled but I dream of this on the walls:

SunnySomer Thu 03-Jan-19 12:59:41

When I get home I will post a picture of mine. I thought there was only space for a toilet but managed to squeeze in a toilet/sink unit. Bold wallpaper (half price from fired earth) and plain floor tiles - very few tiles needed! Mirror one entire wall doubles the size of the room....

pleasestopcoughingnow Thu 03-Jan-19 14:33:31

Lots of wallpaper firms will post you free samples, or you can order slightly larger samples for a small fee. Get loads and paste them all on. Love your link XX!

MsMamaNature Thu 03-Jan-19 15:41:33

If the room is quite small and has no natural light then I would either have plain walls and bold floor or vice versa.

Bold wallpaper with plain floor:
Plain walls with bold floor:

Ideas for lino:

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