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Barker & Stonehouse

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Sarcelle Thu 27-Dec-18 13:42:44

Opinions in the quality of their sofas and their delivery/customer service please.

Seen a sofa, but these are a new company to me.

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Toomanybaubles Thu 27-Dec-18 13:50:29

They are good quality generally, my parents always buy their sofas from B&S. I haven't bought sofas from there but have bought plenty of other stuff there (I live near a store), never had to seek after sales service.

Sarcelle Sun 30-Dec-18 09:03:17


Any more opinions on B & S?

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User07 Sun 30-Dec-18 16:54:58

We have an outlet store near us. We bought a table, bench and 3 chairs. Really really pleased with it. It looks lovely and is very solid, feels like it's built to last.
We got quite a lot of discount on the price that was on the shop floor after we cheekily asked for further discount as we had a strict budget from a previous table we were returning to a different company. Hope that helps

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