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Chesterfields - comfy for everyday use?

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WooWoo1000 Sat 15-Dec-18 07:31:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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FrankIncensed Sat 15-Dec-18 09:13:05

We have a very old one we inherited and despite it not looking very comfortable it's great to lay on and watch TV. I think definitely worth the investment. We had ours recovered when we got it and will do again when it needs it rather than get rid .

Kimlek Fri 21-Dec-18 07:29:10

We have a leather chesterfield, another leather sofa & chair from Thomas Lloyd for around 15 years now. The chesterfield still looks ‘stiff’ but us actually very comfy and my preferred slob sofa. The other one looks squishy but is no more or less comfy.

FrowningFlamingo Wed 26-Dec-18 22:43:09

I am currently almost passed out on one after another massive dinner. I'm very comfy smile but do have a cushion behind me too.

fabulousathome Thu 27-Dec-18 11:03:41

I didn't like hoovering the scoops where the buttons were. They always got 'bits' in them. Mine wasn't comfy either.

There are other styles sofas with fixed cushioning that doesn't need plumping.

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