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What should I use to cover this window/door in kitchen?

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Poppysball Thu 13-Dec-18 16:41:30

We have a back door in the kitchen with a window adjoining it - see photo.

Our heating is rubbish and there is one tiny radiator in the kitchen which is barely warm.
The room is freezing and I’m not enjoying looking at the dark outside.

But what would be the best solution? I’ thinking it could only be curtains (dh not keen) as if there was a blind at the window it would finish in the middle which would look weird.

Any sugggestions appreciated please. Am also posting in housekeeping as am desperate (& very cold).

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fabulousathome Fri 14-Dec-18 01:57:13

A blind over the window and a long one over the door to the ground. Or the same arrangement in thick washable curtains.

Iloveautumnleaves Fri 14-Dec-18 02:15:44

Not curtains.

A nice, fabric, blind inside the window box and leave the door as it is.

FlyingMonkeys Fri 14-Dec-18 02:47:26

Fabric blinds for window/door. Heavy weight curtain on black metal pole hung outside window/door recess that swishes behind a metal tie back on window side during the day.

FlyingMonkeys Fri 14-Dec-18 02:51:43

Or obviously pewter or silver dependant on your scheme 😁 A thick lined curtain will make a massive heat insulator, and I'd get a fitter in to match the fabric roman blinds to the curtain.

JosephineHass Tue 18-Dec-18 18:44:03

Cafe curtains?

Toomanybaubles Tue 18-Dec-18 18:49:59

I would do what flying monkeys said, a big thick curtain (or pair of) outside the recess that gets pinned back during the day.

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