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help with F&B paints please: Dimity, Strong White, or what?

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USUK Sun 09-Dec-18 17:20:50

We are renovating a Victorian terraced house: very large north-facing kitchen with poured-concrete floor and skylights, gives onto south-facing double reception room with bay window and mid-light wood floorboards. Previous owner's taste was cool & industrial and the whole place is painted in a very cold white. We want something neutral but warmer. (for example, we will have a Persian rug on the concrete floor.) Lady at F&B suggested Strong White with Purbeck Stone as a complementary darker shade possibly for woodwork or adjoining hallway. Looking at the color wheel in the house, however, Strong White looked too gray, and we thought Dimity looked better. But I'm worried it may be too creamy/magnolia-leaning. Part of the problem is that only the lights in the kitchen work right now because the rest of the house is being rewired, so there's no way to see what the colors will look like under electric light in the reception room (and because there's so little daylight this time of year anyway). Please tell me how these colors have worked for you in north-south houses! Or suggest others we should consider. Thank you.

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Wistfulthinking Mon 10-Dec-18 18:40:18


We have a north facing kitchen and dining/family area and we have gone with a Johnson copy of f and b All White. Against the trade white undercoat it definitely has a slight creamy/milky tone, rather than brilliant/blue/grey. I really wanted a warmer, but not yellow or grey white. I also tried Dulux timeless which was too yellow, although I like in my south facing room. I found Purbeck too solid and dark and I tried another almost white, but didn't like the greyer tone. Our room is quite long and the part of the room away from the windows can be quite shadowy.

All that said Iike it in daylight and at night we only have the builder's super bright cold white lights. I am anticipating it will look more warm with our warm white lights.

Good luck!

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