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Ideas for 8 year old girls bedroom?

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crazypiglady Sat 08-Dec-18 23:07:14

She’s finally left the pink stage behind & we’re redecorating for her birthday. I’m looking for ideas for everything from lighting to curtains to knick knacks! She doesn’t want anything ‘babyish’ & itd be lovely for it to be a fun & slightly more grown up space for her. Any suggestions or tips? Good shops I could try?

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BF888 Fri 04-Jan-19 00:58:10

This is lovely! I have an 8 year old niece and we are currently re-designing her bedroom together. I’m a interior designer and it’s such a joy to see how she loves the process.

I’m more than happy to help you out. I think fun is key especially as she still young but grown up enough it will last her a while too.

I’m happy to do a mood board and product list for you if you wish?

DavenotChas Sat 05-Jan-19 15:13:21

We've just done exactly this. Valspar sell glitter that can be added to any paint (DD chose lavender quartz) and it gives a subtle effect that's neither babyish or too grown up. She has mirrored wardrobes and chose mauve bed linen with a feather pattern. She then has some feather themed accessories. Throws and cushions in varying silver, grey and mauves to tie in with the carpet and white shutters.

hippoherostandinghere Sat 05-Jan-19 15:22:03

DD is 7 and we just did her room up after Christmas. She didn't want pink either, she had asked for turquoise so we did 2 different shades of blue in her room. She then choose her own duvet and pictures.

KarmaWhore Sat 05-Jan-19 19:31:37

What about something like this, OP? Too babyish? This is the kind of bedroom I would of like at 8.

Toomanycats99 Sat 05-Jan-19 19:35:51

I let my 8yo browse Pinterest. We went for hot pink and turquoise with some funky accessories. Big bean bag, paper hanging things from Ikea. Fairy lights. Shabby chic style photo frames.

KateGrey Sat 05-Jan-19 19:39:10

We’re doing the same for my 9 and 8 year old as we’ve just moved. Neither have been overly keen on pink before but have moved completely away from anything like that. So we’re looking for ideas.

LisafromMumDoesDesign Mon 07-Jan-19 19:32:44

Hi, I’m an interior designer and I recently designed my 6 year old daughters bedroom. She still likes pink but I went for a grown up style and chose furniture that will grow with her needes so it will last a good few years. I’ve written a blog post about her room reveal, I also share some of the retailers I have used. Hope you find it useful. Lisa x

postitnot Tue 15-Jan-19 22:42:38

This is my daughter's room with all the furniture away from the walls! It looked lovely in grey (imho) on her friend's walls but she's obsessed with green so that's what she chose! (Don't know why the photo is the wrong way round)

anniehm Tue 15-Jan-19 23:09:22

What's her interests? My dd has a Japanese theme ish due to her obsessions - though chose pink (recently) despite being far older. I let her choose - they love picking out a feature wall and background colour I found. Dd2 has blackboard paint (blue not black) and due to the metal in it you can use magnets to attach things to the wall (just one wall wasn't cheap!)

Confuzzled19 Mon 21-Jan-19 21:16:29

Look on Pinterest. I really like the feather ceiling lights girly yet chic and more grown up. Agree with buying furniture that will grow with her. I always like to go for neutral and add colour via accessories and bedding - easier to change it up that way.

CountFosco Mon 21-Jan-19 23:01:39

My DDs are 9 and 11 and we're decorating their room at the moment. Be aware that from 8 to 11 things change quickly. DD1 is completely rejecting anything feminine at the moment so everything has to be 'cool'. We've got neutral carpet and white walls and good quality white painted beds (that we've had since they were little but they are pretty neutral and not babyish). Duvets are black and white stripes and the curtains (big bay window) are a strong graphic print from Marrimekko. They have loads of funky cushions and some groovy plastic chairs and storage units that are quite 60s. Looking for some cool lights at the moment. In the playroom we have carnival lights and this table lamp which is a complete bargain so want something a bit different in the bedroom.

Love the idea of glitter in the wallpaint, may have to store that away in the memory banks.

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