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Christmas tidy ups

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Polkapjs Sat 01-Dec-18 20:58:20

I really need my hall, stairs and landing redecorating but no time or cash
The beading has come off around the laminate from excessive wet mopping but I have no idea how to replace it.
I also have strange cracks between skirting and the weird panelling the previous people put in. I’ll try to add pics too. Can I patch up with anything?

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Polkapjs Sat 01-Dec-18 22:03:42

Pics- beading in hall and scratched/ scuffed skirting
If I re gloss will it help a bit? Have planned a Christmas Eve party and panicking

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Polkapjs Sat 01-Dec-18 22:30:08

It looks horrid doesn’t it?

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Knittedfairies Sat 01-Dec-18 22:53:05

You could try decorator’s caulk along the top of the skirting boards, like this.

Polkapjs Sun 02-Dec-18 09:37:39

Caulk that’s the thing! Thanks. May try that if I’m feeling brave. What about beading quick fixes? Are there any? Take it all off?

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Knittedfairies Sun 02-Dec-18 14:59:38

Have you still got the beading bits that have come unstuck (due to over-enthusiastic mopping)? If you have, you could stick ‘em back onto the skirting board.

Polkapjs Sun 02-Dec-18 20:10:41

That’s the mystery. Nobody knows where they are...I suspect the eh

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Polkapjs Sun 02-Dec-18 20:10:51

DH even

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Polkapjs Sun 02-Dec-18 20:11:36

The irony of the dirty looking floor doesn’t escape me....

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Fantasisa Sun 02-Dec-18 23:54:51

Honestly I don’t notice these things in other people’s houses just my own! We had cracking like that up our stairs and we had to vigorously sand it back and start again so caulk might be an easier quick fix!

Polkapjs Tue 04-Dec-18 20:59:26

Thank you. Hopefully if I fill people full of fizz and food they’ll be looking at each other and not my stairs!

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pickingdaisies Tue 04-Dec-18 21:05:17

Wouldn't occur to me to look at the beading! But if you can detach a small piece you may be able to find a near enough match in b&q or similar. Stick it on with No more nails. But personally I wouldn't bother, just lots of fairy lights, holly and ivy.

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