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Paint colours similar to Homebase Moonlight, and is their duracoat wipeable?

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ardgybardgy Fri 23-Nov-18 15:43:58

Thanks @MsMamaNature. That's certainly cheaper, but are Wilko a decent brand? I've never used their paints before.

Also, is there a way of checking whether the colours are very similar without having to trust my eyes (never a good idea), e.g. by checking the RGB values? I'm not sure if exact colour specifications are a trade secret or something that can be easily got hold of.

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MsMamaNature Thu 15-Nov-18 00:29:31

£20 for 5 litres.

Blackgrouse Wed 14-Nov-18 00:14:23

I have Homebase Putty in the matt and Duracoat and the Duracoat is definitely wipeable. I just did the top coat in the Duracoat.

ardgybardgy Tue 13-Nov-18 21:34:45

We're about to redecorate most of our newly purchased house and the front runner paint colour is Moonlight from Homebase. We used it in two rooms in our previous home, and I really liked it - it is a sort of silvery white. However I'm hesitating a little. Our walls aren't perfect enough for silk, and matt paint is unlikely to be durable enough. They do a duracoat version but it's more expensive, especially as it only comes in a 2.5 litre tin, and there's suspiciously too little information in the online description for me to know whether it's "wipe-able" or not. Dirty fingerprints on the staircase walls and around the light switches are inevitable in our house.

Can anyone either reassure me that Homebase Duracoat is wipe-able, or recommend a similar colour from another manufacturer that does a wipe-able matt (and if it's cheaper then that would be even better)?

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