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Wall light above door in small bedroom

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SuburbanRhonda Sun 11-Nov-18 20:06:21

We have a small single bedroom with a light fitting above the door with four spotlights. We’ve never replaced it since we moved in but now I want something smaller (and nicer) that casts light around the whole room.

The ceiling is sloped so we can’t have a ceiling light. I’ve seen some nice wall lights in John Lewis but I’m not sure if they’d be enough as the only light in the room.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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MsMamaNature Wed 14-Nov-18 13:13:20

MsMamaNature Wed 14-Nov-18 13:29:29

Sorry, hit post too soon - could you have more than one light above the door? Will you be able to have additional lighting in the room, eg bedside light on a bedside table?

SuburbanRhonda Wed 14-Nov-18 17:56:27

Wow, that light is gorgeous, @MsMamaNature. Thanks for taking the time to post.

I already have a bedside light but the room isn’t used very often so the main light needs to be enough for when I pop in to feed the hamster who lives in there (it’s not the hamster’s bedroom, honest!).

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MsMamaNature Wed 14-Nov-18 18:03:29

I believe you (not!) about the hamster's bedroom - our spare room is for the cat.

SuburbanRhonda Wed 14-Nov-18 19:55:05

our spare room is for the cat.

Now that I don’t believe.

Cats have the whole house, surely? grin

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MyNameIsJane Wed 14-Nov-18 20:14:22

I love that light!

MsMamaNature Wed 14-Nov-18 20:31:53

@SuburbanRhonda - it's true, he has the whole house but I like to convince myself (wrongly!) that my life is not dictated by a cat.

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