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Short child bed with storage?

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GnarlyOldGoatDude Fri 09-Nov-18 22:33:38

What a great idea! shock

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Smurf123 Fri 09-Nov-18 20:01:52

We had one built using ikea Billy book cases with baskets as the base and then got a made to size mattress - handyman put it together so it was a properly built bed idea but that was what he used..

GnarlyOldGoatDude Fri 09-Nov-18 19:44:23

Great, thank you both, will have a look smile

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Mondaytired Fri 09-Nov-18 17:38:38

The small single bed measures W:75cm x L:175cm x H:57cm (including casters and mattress).

Mondaytired Fri 09-Nov-18 17:36:38

sleepismysuperpower1 Fri 09-Nov-18 17:29:49

i found this one, not used the company before but you can always look at reviews online link

GnarlyOldGoatDude Thu 08-Nov-18 21:42:58

That sort of thing is perfect, but I only have 183cm length to play with! Thanks anyway- if you can find me a short one of those it’d be great smile

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sleepismysuperpower1 Thu 08-Nov-18 18:09:09

would one like this work?

GnarlyOldGoatDude Thu 08-Nov-18 09:00:32

I need a short (less than 183cm) bed to fit in a box room now that DD is too big for a cot bed. Ideally with some storage drawers underneath, but not high as she’s only young! Argos have a potential (the Malibu shorty) but it’s a bit blocky. Any suggestions would be much appreciated smile

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