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How much to spend on multi fuel burner?

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TubeTop Wed 24-Oct-18 13:35:09

Me again with this 1919 terrace getting done up. Need a 5 kilowatt multifuel burner for living room... How much should we spend on one?

DP has found loads he likes for about £1000 just the stove not installation as well. Is this about right or rather a lot?! Not trying to be fancy just want a decent one!

My current favourite is Hereford 5SE at £759 which still seems expensive.

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TubeTop Wed 24-Oct-18 13:36:29

Link to it ^^

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amazonianwoman Wed 24-Oct-18 13:56:48

You get what you pay for imo.

We just removed a cheap (£500?) Chinese imported stove from the house we bought recently - it was supposedly 8kw but was absolutely rubbish, put hardly any heat into the room, couldn't get the stove pipe thermometer into the ideal burn zone.

We had a Morso Owl in our last house - fantastic, hot but did eat through wood quickly.

We've installed a Clock woodburner in our new house now, cost about £1000 for the big version but they have a smaller one which won Stove of the year. I was wary about buying something British made - the Scandinavians seem to be best at this kind of thing - but it's fabulous, heats up quicker than the Morso and much more controllable. And finally we have heat in our freezing Victorian lounge! The fitter says this is pretty much the only make he fits now. I love it 

amazonianwoman Wed 24-Oct-18 13:57:26

TubeTop Wed 24-Oct-18 13:59:16

I have forwarded that straight to DP! Thank you

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DeltaG Wed 24-Oct-18 14:18:40

I think that sounds reasonable. We paid > 1,000 euros for something similar for our house in France. Decent word-burning stoves don't come cheap. Should last a good long time if you look after it though!

TubeTop Wed 24-Oct-18 14:21:33

@amazonianwoman He love that clock one now! Can see it online for £995.

We've been told our chimney is fine so just need to get the quote back for installation... £5 left in stove budget 

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amazonianwoman Wed 24-Oct-18 15:33:47

Pretty sure we were quoted £985 for the bigger Clock (at the beginning of the year, but they did honour the quote just a couple of weeks ago) so I'd shop around for a better price if you want the smaller one. That quote was from the Stove Yard in Holmes Chapel in Cheshire - try contacting them?

TheQueef Wed 24-Oct-18 15:35:28

Try Amazon.
Very reasonable cast iron stoves.

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