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Dark/rich paint colour for my lounge

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ss2011 Sun 21-Oct-18 08:00:56

Hi everyone. Just about to decorate our lounge in Victorian’s quite big because it’s a dining room and lounge in one, north facing so not that light, one fireplace but two chimney breasts. I thought we were going to paint this in dulux Jurassic stone, but have just used Dulux proud peacock on some walls in the kitchen, and in our downstairs toilet and I love now really tempted to go bolder/darker in the lounge. Looking for something a bit richer than proud peacock which looks quite turquoise in some lights. Maybe a darker teal or a dark green....but want it to flow nicely into the kitchen with proud peacock in because it’s next door. Any ideas? Has anyone else gone dark in their lounge? Anyone done it and regretted it? It’s the total opposite of what we were going to do, so don’t want to get it wrong......

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B00dyM4ry Sun 21-Oct-18 08:25:03

Watching with interest - i too am considering going dark- from a cream to a deep blue teal colour. Have been doing lots of googling to decided whether to take the plunge. Still not totally set!

Mamia15 Sun 21-Oct-18 18:52:44

How about going for a rich yellow similar to Yellow Ground by F&B? It won't jar with the teal already in the house and yet its still a rich colour?

SwedishEdith Sun 21-Oct-18 19:04:11

Marine Blue or Canton? Marine Blue is more tealy than it looks in that link. Better here

renovatenotstagnate Sun 21-Oct-18 22:46:44

If you're reallybrave, Hague Blue. Otherwise Inchyra from F&b

iknowimcoming Sun 21-Oct-18 23:05:48

I have farrow and ball inchyra blue on bottom and lamp room grey on top in my lounge and it's gorgeous

Ketzele Fri 26-Oct-18 14:39:26

Inchyra Blue is lovely. If it's a bit too dark for you, look at De Nimes or Oval Room Blue which are gorgeous but more gentle. I also love Mylands Shoreditch.

Todamhottoday Fri 26-Oct-18 14:45:01

I did my Victorian lounge , eating room red, a dark rich red from F&B. Bugger to cover but looked stunning when finished.

As parts of the very ornate ceiling still had some gold leaf on we went the whole hog and painstakingly re-did it all.

Loved the dark colour and Victorian houses really look good with more dramatic colour schemes.

Now live in a very different kind of house that cannot take dark colours at all!

Ladi85 Fri 26-Oct-18 15:00:20

F&B Hague blue looks amazing. Search #hagueblue on insta 😬

ss2011 Fri 26-Oct-18 19:00:53

Oooh thanks everyone. Really loving all of these colours...

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DragonMamma Fri 26-Oct-18 19:02:09

Hague Blue or De Nimes are lovely!

Creepyexgirlfriend Fri 26-Oct-18 19:07:31

I have a proud peacock lounge!
I m getting Hague Blue in a bedroom soon, so love that.

Abigail Ahern has some great colours.
This one is called Thunder

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