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Pantry ideas

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Strawberrytraveller Thu 18-Oct-18 11:40:25

How can i make the most of our pantry?

Its a small walk-in cupboard basically. Has the vents in the wall at the back at the bottom and top to ventilate.

Its 140cm long by 120cm wide. Basically when you open the door theres shelfs opposite at the moment, and you can just about walk in and close the door behind you (door opens inwards).

Its located just outside of kitchen diner, not in actual kitchen.

There is lighting and electricity in there. But the only plug current at floor level and ancient (ie prob not safe in current state).

I'm wondering how much crap from our kitchen with can dump in there for maximum use. the kitchen diner is quite small so limited kitchen storage also.

Would you move the microwave in there?

Im thinking of adding a waist height worktop.,which is deaper. Then Shelves above for pots and pans etc, and below make into recycling bin section (we need 101 things split up for the bins to be collected).

I have bought some of those ikea spice racks already to put on the wall behind door to store cleaning bottles.

Its a high space so i guess storage above door also?

any good websites to view?

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youngestisapsycho Thu 18-Oct-18 11:51:51

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