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Help me! Country living room.

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inabox Tue 16-Oct-18 19:33:55

We've just put a new wooden floor / underfloor heating in our living room. So have a bit of a blank canvas. It's a darkish engineered oak. Walls are painted antique white and we have brown leather furniture.

The room itself is biggish and fairly light. It's got a high / beamed ceiling, patio doors and a big fireplace on an exposed brick wall with a wood burner in it.

How do I dress it?? Rug, soft furnishings, artwork?? I'm at a bit of a loss. People keep telling me it needs colour! What colour? Please help.

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shakeyourcaboose Tue 16-Oct-18 19:38:22

What about a tartan rug? And pick out colour from that?

beincki Tue 16-Oct-18 19:55:16

You could add some colour with cushions, I'd go for velvet ones in perhaps a forest green which is really on trend at the mo, or a deep red for example. You could pick those colours out with accessories (eg candles etc) in those colours, and you can always change the cushions/other bits for another colour if you get bored. I'd also add some throws too and what about a basket with some logs in? Good luck sounds like a beautiful room!

MrBennOfFestiveRoad Tue 16-Oct-18 21:14:51

Find some curtains that you really like and then pick out the colours with velvet cushions and other accessories.

MrBennOfFestiveRoad Tue 16-Oct-18 21:19:36

That was supposed to say “patterned” curtains. For example, I really like some of the lesser known William Morris prints that you can have made to measure in curtains, although your taste may be completely different.

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