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Which brand canopy to buy? Baby girls nursery!

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Ladi85 Sun 21-Oct-18 11:50:34

Oh yes pp is right. You could use them in the very beginning when baby is not mobile and if cot is well ventilated. But then you’d have to get rid of them for a long while until lo is at least 3/4

Eatmycheese Sun 21-Oct-18 11:19:35

I would wait until they are old enough to appreciate them and less vulnerable, though yes they are lovely.

TheFantasticFixit Sun 21-Oct-18 11:17:23

I think they are gorgeous, but the Lullaby Trust doesn’t recommend them as they can restrict airflow around the cot, and of course is essentially a loose material near the cot which could be dragged in, potentially. Do have a dig around to see what the risks are before buying - they look lovely on Pinterest and Instagram but like cot bumpers, probably best for pretty pics only in reality. X

Ladi85 Mon 15-Oct-18 12:48:44

No experience but cam cam insta pics are amazing and seems like a good bet

millionaireshortie Mon 15-Oct-18 12:09:07


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millionaireshortie Fri 12-Oct-18 14:09:33


My little girl is due soon and we're just finishing the nursery. We're making a bit of an effort with this babe's rooms as it's the first time we've had the spare cash to and it's the last child! I love these canopies that hang over the end of the cot (then cot bed, then single bed) but there seem to be so many brands about all with a similar price point (Cam Cam, Linwood, Cotton & Sweets etc) - can anyone recommend a particular one? I'm thinking dusty pink or light grey. Love to hear any suggestion!! Thank you!

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