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Advice wanted on decor for L shaped kitchen/diner/living room

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NaomiSmalls Thu 20-Sep-18 05:54:36

This will be brief as already wrote long thread and lost it sad

Starting work on new K/D/LR

I like mid century modern style
Colour scheme will either be grey and yellow or navy and yellow. Maybe navy and orange.
Cabinets are handleless matt in a pebble colour.
Was thinking bright metro tiles and a statement wall that runs from length of dining room into living room back wall (to tie the rooms together).
Floors will be wooden throughout and counter tops are wooden (effect).

Could to have two sofas possible one in the grey and one in the yellow. With cushions mix of patterned and plain. Patterned curtains in living room and plain blind for French doors which are opposite.

I guess I’m worried that something won’t work as I have no experience of actually being so bold with colour. Can I do 2 statements walls?
Also lighting! Thinking of doing pendants over dining table and unsure of whether bare lightbulbs will work with the style or whether too industrial looking. Maybe it doesn’t matter? I don’t want it to look too retro. More a nod to the era. Also lighting in living room.. Going to do a 5 app circuit. But stuck on what lights to get. Need some wall lights I think plus a floor lamp and maybe 2 table lamps as not having a central light. Will try and upload photos in first comment as that’s where it went wrong before.

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NaomiSmalls Thu 20-Sep-18 06:03:21

1. Living room. Alcove shelving to be built here with yellow walls behind.

2. View from living room into dining room. Statement wall to continue down wall in the right of this photo.

3. Another of the dining room. The wall in the right of this photo will be knocked down to create the kitchen/diner.

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NaomiSmalls Thu 20-Sep-18 06:08:17

Kitchen as it is now. New kitchen will still be U shaped but with no cupboards on wall closest to right of Pic as knocking down.

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Whattodowithaminute Fri 21-Sep-18 13:37:00

I think you run the risk of having a bit too much going on. Yellow walls behind alcoves, two colours of sofa, feature walls, bright metro tiles, pebble units, wood floors...
I’d start a mood board and pull together on paper some of your ideas and build them up. What furniture do you like/plan to keep? Shape and style. These might provide an anchor point to build from. Think of whether you want to use complementary colours or opposing colours on a colour wheel, what will be your main colour, your secondary colour and your accents colour.
Houzz and Pinterest will be helpful for your research.

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