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popsanddolls Sat 15-Sep-18 17:45:57

Hey just wondering how many presents you get you children at Christmas?

I usually splash out but now baby number 3 is here I just can't do it x

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sleepismysuperpower1 Sun 16-Sep-18 11:13:39

it depends. usually, the kids get one big present (eg: a scooter, a tablet) and then some small ones (board games, magic tricks, stuff like that) and then a stocking (pound land toys, sweets, an orange). it may be worth having a scout around on gumtree, ebay or as there are usually some great bargins on there. one year we got dd a micro scooter from a seller on ebay, in such good condition but only a fraction of the price. all the best!

popsanddolls Sun 16-Sep-18 12:22:58

That's great thanks x

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sleepismysuperpower1 Sun 16-Sep-18 12:38:37

no problem. off topic, but do you do an elf on the shelf? it makes xmas really special, especially if you are cutting down on gift numbers x

popsanddolls Sun 16-Sep-18 12:54:28

Yeah we do that. My 4 year and baby are easy... my 13 year old is another mater x

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sleepismysuperpower1 Sun 16-Sep-18 12:58:18

lol yes it gets much trickier as they get older..good luck!

ihatetosay Sun 16-Sep-18 20:47:58

just checked the date so mid September and you are going on about Xmas ff

popsanddolls Sun 16-Sep-18 22:01:53

With 3 children and very limited spare time then I have to be organised

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popsanddolls Sun 16-Sep-18 22:38:10

I asked a question regarding Christmas presents. Not what month we are currently in. If you didn't want to answer my question then don't bother writing anything at all

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PaulMorel Mon 17-Sep-18 04:23:03

Christmas is fast approaching! I usually give 1-2 presents for my kids and a stocking full of candies and chocolates. They really appreciate it and that's what really matters.

EK36 Mon 17-Sep-18 04:31:47

Depends. When they were little, the gifts were cheaper so they had a few. Now they're older they want expensive things so they only get 1-2 presents! Quality over quantity. Santa brings them a lindt chocolate Santa and activity.

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