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Help me find the perfect green

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Gwiffif Fri 07-Sep-18 08:48:11

I am looking for the perfect fresh yellow toned grassy green for our living room. We have quite a lot of grey toned colours elsewhere in the house so really want something more lively in the living room. We have a wood effect laminate floor and brown leather sofas. We want one colour throughout.

The pic is the kind of thing I was thinking of but really struggling to find the right shade.

Ideas, and pics, gratefully received!

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slinkysaluki Sun 09-Sep-18 14:17:25

Diulux Fresh Stem ?

Sirrah Sun 09-Sep-18 19:03:30

Have a look at Dulux crushed aloe, it was too yellow for what I wanted, but it might be closer for you.

ss2011 Mon 10-Sep-18 03:16:18

That looks like Dulux willow tree to me.....look at the Dulux heritage colours too....

MrBennOfFestiveRoad Tue 11-Sep-18 18:07:52

Farrow & Ball Vert de Terre looks similar.

reasonsforwaiting Tue 11-Sep-18 20:33:46

Maybe Farrow and Ball cooking apple green?

Gwiffif Tue 11-Sep-18 21:09:32

Thanks all, we think we may have found a colour we are happy with, colour courage - herbes de Provence.

I did try willow tree - it was a little light for what we are looking for. f&B cooking apple green was not far off but I was looking for a slightly stronger green. I never thought green would be so hard to find what I want!

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