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Wall lights

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goingonabearhunt1 Tue 04-Sep-18 11:20:44

Thinking of getting wall lights but really overwhelmed by choice. What kind do people think is nice? I'm also not really sure how you know what will go in a particular room. I've read that you need to decide the purpose of the light (general illumination, drawing attention to a particular painting etc.) but other than that I'm a bit lost. Any ideas/hints welcome.

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goingonabearhunt1 Tue 04-Sep-18 11:23:40

Also, I should add that I'm trying to avoid the 'granny look' IYKWIM, something a bit more modern and not too complicated (I tend to prefer simple things in general).

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MrsRubyMonday Tue 04-Sep-18 12:18:52

What does the room look like that you will be putting them in? Modern, cottagey, cosy and full of stuff? What colour scheme do you have? What lighting do you currently have and what don't you like about it? What are you hoping the wall light will do?

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