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Cath Kidston clock

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Marmitemadmummy Sat 01-Sep-18 12:03:57

Gutted my Cath Kidston clock fell on the floor when I changed a battery and the plastic case has cracked 😰. Seem to be out of stock everywhere as it's a few years old now. Has anyone seen these anywhere please?

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Cocolepew Sat 01-Sep-18 12:05:48

Theres a lot of CK facebok groups, maybe one of the buy and sell ones would have one.

Whitney168 Sat 01-Sep-18 12:07:16

There are a couple on ebay.

ellav Sat 01-Sep-18 12:12:30

eBay link to a second hand one

Marmitemadmummy Sat 01-Sep-18 12:30:07

Thanks I hadn't thought of Facebook. Just found a group to join. The eBay one is a bit more than I wanted to pay ( it was £30 new!) but thanks.

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Kewqueue Sat 01-Sep-18 12:36:25

Personally I would just keep the one with the crack. You can hardly notice and it looks more vintage with it!

Petalflowers Sat 01-Sep-18 12:39:52

Found one on eBay!

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