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Looking for a decent trundle bed

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seven201 Mon 20-Aug-18 10:24:47

My daughter is 2 so we're looking to buy her a trundle bed. My MiL will occasionally share her room when she helps with emergency childcare or whatever. I'm looking for an adult quality one, ie one that isn't flimsy so it will last for many many years. Ideally I'd like one where the trundle can be raised to normal height, not just a mattress on wheels. There's a John Lewis one but it doesn't have good reviews. I like the attached, but it's aimed at kids (makes me worry if it will last) and the second bed doesn't raise up. Anyone know of a decent one? Pale grey would be my preference. Gosh I'm fussy!

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ProcrastinatingPingu Mon 20-Aug-18 15:25:40

The best quality one I've found is actually an Ikea Hemnes one.
We got the better quality mattresses and it came to about £450 I think.
It comes in grey and white and has some storage which is handy.
Most others I've found are a lower trundle so it doesn't turn into a double/king size bed.

My mum has one which is from amazon which a creamy colour, and it came with mattresses that are lovely and comfy.
I think she paid £290 and it was by a company called Kosy Koala.

seven201 Mon 20-Aug-18 19:51:43

Ooh, thank you so much. I'll take a look at both of those.

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