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Choosing a new kitchen

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Hotwomanatmenopause Wed 15-Aug-18 12:20:42

Hello! This is my first post on here. I was wondering if any of you mumsnetters could give me your thoughts on Wren Kitchens. Which rates them the worst buy! Have any of you had a Wren experience? I'd love to hear about it. You may also suggest another mid-price range bespoke kitchen which you have good experience of ... Ikea? Wickes?

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Hadalifeonce Wed 15-Aug-18 12:23:23

If you are looking at bespoke kitchens, why don't you contact some local independents to visit. They will be able to offer references who, because they are local, you will be able to visit.

MazDazzle Wed 15-Aug-18 12:32:49

We got our kitchen from Howden’s. The kitchen designer was really good. She listened to exactly what I wanted and altered the plan to fit our budget. She was also able to recommend other companies to provide worktops as we didn’t like theirs.

Hotwomanatmenopause Wed 15-Aug-18 13:36:54

Thank you! I have avoided local as I thought prices would be above my budget, but a chat and quote wouldn’t commit me so a good idea.

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Hotwomanatmenopause Wed 15-Aug-18 13:37:37

That’s interesting about the worktops! Thanks for the tip.

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FourOnTheHill Wed 15-Aug-18 22:41:44

We have just bought our new kitchen from DIY kitchens, too early to say if I like it but pads of fab reviews all over the internet.

FourOnTheHill Wed 15-Aug-18 22:41:58

Loads not pads

JennaTools Wed 15-Aug-18 23:14:18

I read the title as 'kitten' not 'kitchen' and this thread has really disappointed me as a result sad

Hotwomanatmenopause Wed 15-Aug-18 23:37:17

Sorry Jenna!

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Hotwomanatmenopause Wed 15-Aug-18 23:38:38

Not heard of them - thanks.

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YorkshireTea86 Thu 16-Aug-18 07:56:40

We got ours from DIY Kitchens too. If you live anywhere near they have a great showroom near pontefract. I'm in west yorkshire so wasn't too far for us to travel.

Hotwomanatmenopause Thu 16-Aug-18 08:17:01

Thank you - a bit far for us but worth exploring, thanks.

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Nivamc Thu 16-Aug-18 11:34:26

We got ours from Wren. Their service was great and the kitchen is nice too - everything still works fine 4 years later. With hindsight, I would have bought an in-frame kitchen as it looks a bit nicer but I had limited knowledge back then.
I think they might get bad reviews because they discount so heavily from the advertised price. But we didn't find that an issue!
We also went elsewhere for the work surface.
Good luck!

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