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Chesterfields - Which company to go with?

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Mumsanna79 Sat 11-Aug-18 12:32:12

Have been researching for a while now, and narrowed it down to two sofas, two companies: one sofa is made by Timeless Chesterfields/ Sofa by Saxon (It seems they are the same company, but operate under two different websites), the other by Fleming & Howland. My dilemma is: there are thousands of great reviews on Trustpilot for Timeless Chesterfields/ Sofa by Saxon, while literally none for Fleming & Howland. (only couple of Google reviews, quite mixed). I find it weird that although Fleming & Howland is a company with a long history, they are zero reviews online for this company. Anyone ordered from them (or Timeless Chesterfields) and is happy/ unhappy with the quality?
Any other companies with great quality, you would recommend?
I am happy to pay a premium price but would like to be sure I am paying 1000's of £ for a good quality product, that will last us for ages.
Thanks a lot for any help.

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