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F&B Pitch blue - opinions?

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GarethSouthgatesWaistcoat Thu 09-Aug-18 21:32:46

Probably a bit late to the party but has anyone used Farrow and Ball Pitch Blue or a lookalike?

I'm pondering it for my bedroom which is currently cream/almond white all over with an oak bed and drawers and white pax wardrobe. Ceiling and woodwork are cream and carpet is pale.

Room is NW facing but is really light, especially in the afternoon.

I've used a Vardo (teal) copy in the lounge and I like the medium-deep tones!

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FourOnTheHill Thu 16-Aug-18 20:24:21

Sounds gorgeous! I love pitch blue. Have you decided?

GarethSouthgatesWaistcoat Sat 18-Aug-18 21:57:17

@FourOnTheHill thanks for replying, I thought I'd killed my own thread grin

I've got as far as tester pots. I picked up a selection of B&Q's own brand as well as they had some interesting blues - a much better selection than any other budget/mid price range.

I'm waiting for my Pitch Blue tester to dry as we speak. Have you used it? Do you have any photos? There aren't all that many on Google/Pinterest.

I'm tempted to mix my own hue by adding some white to a B&Q colour, I can't quite find what I want. I'll have a better idea once the F&B dries grin

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FourOnTheHill Sun 19-Aug-18 07:46:26

Haha I’ve had a few thread attempts that no one answers! It’s not mid trance budget wise but have you looked at Edward Bulmer blues? I love them. I think it’s a better range of blues than little Greene or F&B. I wanted my front door in one of their blues, but I ordered the wrong type of paint and when the decorator was here I had to dash out and get a similar colour from our local shop, as the decorator couldn’t wait for Edward B to post me the right one.

FourOnTheHill Sun 19-Aug-18 07:46:51

Mid range not mid trance!

FourOnTheHill Sun 19-Aug-18 07:49:27

Oh and no I’ve not used pitch blue. Was looking at it recently though as I was thinking about colours for kitchen cabinet units. Went for a standard not bespoke colour in the end so I didn’t use it.

Ingalia Sun 19-Aug-18 08:05:50

My north/facing front door is Pitch Blue. It's a lot brighter than I anticipated. I don't like it much; was hoping for something a bit gentler / duskier,

BigGreenOlives Sun 19-Aug-18 08:15:11

If you want to blend your own colour you could try adding a very light grey rather than straight white. We have a friend who is a paint specialist, works with a very high end kitchen company, he added a very light grey to a f&b colour to get exactly what he thought would work best in our sitting room.

GarethSouthgatesWaistcoat Sun 19-Aug-18 17:33:19

Thanks for the tip BigGreenOlives, I shall bear that in mind! As usual testers have made me even more uncertain grin

The F&B Pitch Blue is surprisingly close to B&Q Beach Hut once dry. Pitch Blue has a slightly lilac tone to it which I like. I was considering mixing Beach Hut with some B&Q Quay West but light grey is also a good shout! I'm pondering whether I'm brave enough for a deep hue, it's making me retreat back to the paler end of the spectrum which I swore I'd avoid blush
I could overcome this by mixing the perfect midshade though wink

I've just spotted a reviewer for Beach Hut likens it to F&B Pitch Blue. Their review is a bit mixed but it's for my bedroom - not the kitchen - and I don't tend to go round touching/scuffing the walls so can get away with not wiping them continually. I know F&B has the chalky finish but I can probably live with B&Q for the cost saving. Plus my F&B tester went on very streaky and needed a good two coats, potentially three. I bought a couple of times of Pitch Blue half price at B&Q (woo!) but I've kept the receipt.

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GarethSouthgatesWaistcoat Sun 19-Aug-18 17:44:30

Invaluable that's disappointing! I've noticed when I google/Pinterest search F&B colours they always look ridiculously different in different settings. So much so that I have to check that the source has definitely stated the right paint colour. I know lighting plays a part and exterior shades are likely mixed differently/different pigmentation but it's very odd!

I'm also looking for a dusky/gentle shade and didn't expect it to be as deep as the B&Q Beach Hut (previous post) based on the pictures and paint chip I'd seen.

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GarethSouthgatesWaistcoat Sun 19-Aug-18 17:52:11

FourOnTheHill I'm always in a mid-trance grin

I'll investigate Edward B thank you! I fancied a budget makeover so was looking at the more Wilko/B&Q end of the spectrum but I was swayed by the half price Pitch Blue in B&Q shockgrin
I don't know why I'm fussed, I'm doing the painting myself and the rest of the furniture/décor is staying the same. Old habits die hard!

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