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Colours for front door/ please help I'm rubbish

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FrameyMcFrame Thu 09-Aug-18 21:25:53

I can't work out what colours to paint the front of my house. I need to paint the front door, woodwork around it and the large wood panelled front of the extension. Also garage door.

I'm thinking about grey? For the front door with like a cream colour for the wood work on the extension and white around the door surround?
I think farrow and ball have nice colours but I don't want to waste money on the wrong colours and make it look worse... I'm not sure which colours go well together but I know when it looks wrong!!

By the way, it's north facing, so not lots of sunlight.

Thanks for any help.

Happyoldbat Fri 10-Aug-18 07:35:59

What age of house is it? Rural or urban? If there is any brickwork or stonework that it needs to go with, what colour is it? What is your door furniture made of? ( or just post a picture..)

theboxofdelights Fri 10-Aug-18 07:51:40

Red brick traditional town house here and I painted my front door with F&B Lichen recently. It looks really good. My builders merchant mixed the colour into a Dulux Weathersheild paint. F&B let their patents lapse some time ago and people were able to copy the colours.

I bet you could get any colour you want from the 1000s of strips Dulux do, but there would be a lot to look through!

theboxofdelights Fri 10-Aug-18 07:52:52

I would definitely go for a well respected wood paint like Weathersheild over anything else I for all that wood OP.

PETRONELLAS Fri 10-Aug-18 07:54:09

Not cream and white together.

wonkylegs Fri 10-Aug-18 08:05:38

Age &, material & style of house needed

I have a huge Victorian front door that looks amazing in pillar box red with big brass fittings and a white frame but I wouldn't advocate it for most houses.

I'm doing a cottage for a client with a very contemporary grey / glass extension and we have gone with a plain black front door for a classic look against the stonework

Also have a 1970s house renovation where we have gone for a Matt varnished oak door with a very dark grey frame against yellow brick & white render.

Pinterest is a good source for visual ideas if you are a bit stuck.

FrameyMcFrame Sat 11-Aug-18 21:41:29

It's 40s semi
You can't see the garage and extension too well in these photos but it's currently painted

Thanks everyone

theboxofdelights Sun 12-Aug-18 18:17:34

Lovely door OP! No idea colour wise really but I wouldn’t do grey it could be drab (am not a grey fan though!).

I would do something bold with the front door but not sure about the other bit.

NicoAndTheNiners Sun 12-Aug-18 18:20:09

Chartwell green. That’s what I’m going g for.

wonkylegs Sun 12-Aug-18 22:01:49

I think the timber panelling makes it more tricky
You need to be careful it doesn't look too dull but from what you've described.
I quite like this combination so a bit of neutral colour to the panelling but with white frame and I would go for a very dark grey for the door

This is also quite nice

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