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Anyone used Howdens' Burford Paintable?

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Twobigbabies Wed 08-Aug-18 20:52:21

Would love to hear from anyone who has used these doors for their kitchen. I was planning on painting the island doors in Farrow and Ball Hague Blue but my decorator is not keen and Howdens advise the use of a solvent based paint for best results. Looking at Little Greene Hicks blue as an alternative because I am THAT original. This is also water based though. As an aside is it lunacy to use these expensive/not so hardwearing paints in a new kitchen with two wild toddlers on the loose?

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fruitbrewhaha Thu 16-Aug-18 11:05:57

We are planning these doors, at the building stage at the moment. I asked in a paint shop about how best to paint the doors and the chap there said F&B or Little Green are good.

I'm expecting to have to touch them up once a year. I also love the idea that we can change it to a different colour.

I'm looking at Canton or Vardo. Those navy blues are lovely The chap in the shop said go by the colour you like.

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