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Kitchen refit

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Winnie56 Tue 07-Aug-18 08:37:08

Our best friend is currently refitting our kitchen at no point has he discussed how much he charges but we understand he is doing it as a favour I.e. I'll do anything to help you two out etc

Anyway... I would never expect anyone to work for free and I am unsure how much to pay him. The work he will be carrying out is ripping the kitchen out, ripping the floor away, sorting out new plumbing for sink and dishwasher, fitting new kitchen (11 cabinets) in total, fitting new appliances apart from the gas range and putting work tops on (laminate). Any idea how much we should be looking at paying? Or what I should base payment on?

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jo10000 Tue 07-Aug-18 15:43:44

When we did it, a professional was around £250 a day. Beware, my family have had mates helping and when a paying job comes up they drop them, and relatives have had to wait ages until they're free again.

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