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Painting base and walk units different shades?

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Bluesheep8 Wed 18-Jul-18 11:47:24

Hi, question re painting kitchen units...thinking of painting in f and b dulux copies.. base units in drop cloth, top units in shaded white and walls in shadow white. Shades all work together according to f and b website...worktops are a coolish oak. Thoughts please?

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Bluesheep8 Wed 18-Jul-18 18:53:41

Hopeful bump

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DailyMaiIisMyBogRoll Wed 18-Jul-18 22:32:57

I quite like the look... would be tempted to do something along those lines if I ever redo my kitchen. It's quite "of the moment" though (different colours top and bottom, not your specific colourscheme)

Bluesheep8 Thu 19-Jul-18 05:55:42

Hi dailymailis, thanks for commenting..yes I see what you mean about it being quite 'now'- good point. As I want it to look quite traditional/timeless, I think I might stick with just one colour, although the two shades are just variations of the sane colour iyswim. Hmmm, now just got to decide whether drop cloth is the one as some reviews say it can look a little green which I don't want.. I'm after a soft greige/putty/warm pale grey which is proving elusive!

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scottishdaisy Thu 19-Jul-18 12:20:04

I love the two colour unit look! I'm not sure how 'of the moment' it is, if that implies it's a flash-in-the-pan sort of thing because we did ours several years ago. I think it's probably a look that's here to stay - at least for a few more years, by which time you might be wanting to repaint your units anyway? Yours sounds like it would be way more subtle than my colour choices... we're moving house this year and I think I'd probably go for more a combination of neutral colours, too, next time!

Bluesheep8 Thu 19-Jul-18 14:02:20

scottishdaisy yours look great!

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scottishdaisy Thu 19-Jul-18 15:37:12

Thanks bluesheep! I had so much fun doing this house up but my husband seems to be of the opinion that one something has been decorated you can't touch it for at least 10 years... so excited to be moving so we can start all over again!!

Bluesheep8 Thu 19-Jul-18 16:56:25

Ha, my DP's the same, which is why I agonize over every decorating decision as I know it's there to stay!

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