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This weird room

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Lexjo Sun 15-Jul-18 08:25:33


This is the utility/dining room. Isn't it bleak? I don't know how to style it and make it practical. The washing machine has to live there. Do you think I should disguise it by putting a counter over the top?

Also - dining table. I live alone. What should I do? Different table? Bigger? Smaller? What would look good? I'd also like somewhere to store shoes. Guess I should do that counter idea. I'm just not sure.

Thanks all

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ErrantBakedBean Sun 15-Jul-18 12:03:42

Are you restricted as to where you put the washing machine within the room? Also what's the view like outside the window? I quite like this idea for a table in a small room:

MissCherryCakeyBun Sun 15-Jul-18 12:25:57

Clear out all the stuff that's got dumped in there and re-home it, pop a counter top above the washing machine and if you can afford doors get a pair if not a short rail and a curtain along the edge to hide the machine and baskets and powder then decorate the room as a dining room you could use the countertop to have some pictures and plants to pretty it up too

MissCherryCakeyBun Sun 15-Jul-18 12:28:20

Also shoe racks etc could fit behind curtain etc Pinterest is your friend for design ideas, what sort of thing do you like design and colour wise?

DownUdderer Sun 15-Jul-18 12:33:39

Can the washing machine get covered over with a door? In a cupboard type of thing? If it had a wooden top I might look like a normal ish sideboard and can have a candle on it and photos or art work. Some shelves might be nice. Perhaps a Welsh dresser or something smaller in there with dinner ware .

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Sun 15-Jul-18 12:33:49

I'd create a shelving system over the radiator by the door.
2 uprights so that side on view of radiator is blocked.
Full height of room but only the depth of the alcove.
All shoes could go in there. Combination of open shelves and cupboards to hide stuff.

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Sun 15-Jul-18 12:35:41

Table looks good as a drop leaf, but maybe have folding chairs which could be hung on wall, or even on back of door

RabbitsAreTasty Sun 15-Jul-18 12:37:02

Does it have to be the dining room?

Could it become a proper utility / storage room? I'm thinking some other room would then have space to have a dining space.

Floor plan sketch?

Lexjo Sun 15-Jul-18 17:45:47

Some excellent ideas, everyone! I definitely like the thought of shelving. The view outside of the window isn't great, but I quite like the idea of a breakfast bar set up there too. I think hanging chairs is a good shout too. I'm out at the moment, but will draw up a room plan when I'm back smilethank you for all your great ideas x

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Lexjo Sun 15-Jul-18 17:46:57

Oh - meant to say, there are no doors. It's just a walkway from the hallway and then to the kitchen. The washing machine had to live there because of plumbing.

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Lexjo Sun 15-Jul-18 17:47:30

And it has to have dining table in it, my living room is too small to accommodate a dining table as well.

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BreakfastAtSquiffanys Sun 15-Jul-18 19:27:58

What about getting one of those ceiling mounted dryers like this?!49!3!246750929750!!!g!43865564645!&ef_id=WgMDIAAAAHHAxi04:20180715182514:s

Then you could get rid of those 2 floor clothes driers.

Lexjo Sun 15-Jul-18 20:39:25

That's a good idea - although to be honest I should be drying clothes outside in this weather!

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