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17th century timber frame cottage

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womcombat Wed 11-Jul-18 07:42:52

If you had a 17th Century timber frame cottage, where would you look for interior design ideas? Apart from antique shops/auctions, where would you look for new furniture? What about soft furnishings?

What about paint? F&B or do we need specialist paint, no idea what the walls are made of at the moment!

I've been pintresting but not coming up with huge amounts, struggling for young boys bedroom especially (only stipulation is 'green')

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slinkysaluki Thu 12-Jul-18 16:28:16

Laura Ashley ? Classic style

Neena23 Tue 17-Jul-18 11:52:45

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

DeepInFrance Tue 17-Jul-18 12:03:17

Back issues of Country Living magazine.

AgathaF Wed 18-Jul-18 08:01:27

Paint needs to be breathable, assuming it's the original or replacement lime plaster on the walls. I don't think Farrow and Ball is. Clay paint is breathable though, and has a lovely finish. We have it throughout our place.

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