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Show me a photo of the lampshade in your bedroom!

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SmiledWithTheRisingSun Sun 08-Jul-18 11:55:11

I'm looking for inspiration - what have you got hanging from your bedroom ceilings? And where did it come from?

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MissCherryCakeyBun Sun 08-Jul-18 18:21:54

We have a ceiling fan with lights.....not to everyone's taste but I'm suffering terribly with night sweats confused

I prefer a low light level with additional lighting lamp on bedside table and dressing table. We do have lights in the built in wardrobes and have large windows so plenty of daylight so to speak.

What sort of thing do you like? or if it's easier what don't you like......if find it much easier to say what I don't like then wander Pinterest and Wayfair till is see things I do like

AsAProfessionalFekko Sun 08-Jul-18 18:24:49

We have spotlights.

SmiledWithTheRisingSun Sun 08-Jul-18 21:22:33

Anyone with a lampshade put there? hmm

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SmiledWithTheRisingSun Sun 08-Jul-18 21:23:12

Out there...

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Catinthecorner Sun 08-Jul-18 21:29:11

We have a metal shade with laser cut detailing. I can’t do a photo at the moment (we’re in decorating hell) but I think it was from m&s

whereiscaroline Sun 08-Jul-18 21:45:25

This is ours, it's from Home Sense.

twolittleboysonetiredmum Sun 08-Jul-18 21:52:24

This is ours. It’s copper and makes nice patterns on the ceiling. Also has a matching side light. We replaced our Ikea ps2014 which I loved but was an awful design and broke. But gorgeous copper interior which we’d decorated around so carried on with copper

ThomasNightingale Sun 08-Jul-18 21:53:24

We have an old school tapered fabric lampshade in a shade that tones with our walls. Cheap, easy to fit, works for me. It’s actually so old school that most shops don’t even sell them any more but a slightly more modern drum shade would also fit the bill. If I were going shopping today I’d go for one with a copper/gold interior because I think it gives a nice light.

JustDoOne Sun 08-Jul-18 21:57:48

From Next.

dogzdinner Sun 08-Jul-18 22:03:35

I have this one from John Lewis. I love their lighting.

Namethecat Sun 08-Jul-18 22:06:06

No as mine is probably a home to lots of spiders going by the cobwebs on it !

clippityclop Sun 08-Jul-18 22:12:24

No photo but we have white/cream glass shade with a fringe of white glass beads. Neutral, clean looking. I bought it from Amazon where there's a good choice. Have a look on Pintrest for ideas.

donkey86 Sun 08-Jul-18 22:13:31

This is mine - I made it. (I take custom orders, should anyone want a particular map on a lampshade #shamelessplug )

Most of the lampshades I have that I haven’t made are from Ikea - I find their range varies, but they sometimes have some really nice ones.

JustDoOne Sun 08-Jul-18 23:29:42

Wow donkey! That's fab!

InvisibleToEveryone Sun 08-Jul-18 23:38:33

This is mine, Asda I think??

Neweternal Sun 08-Jul-18 23:51:08


Partyfops Sun 08-Jul-18 23:52:47

Twolittleboys- where is your copper one from please?

Butterflycookie Sun 08-Jul-18 23:56:29


That lampshade looks so cool! 😎

TheBitterBoy Mon 09-Jul-18 00:00:11

We have this one from John Lewis and I love it.

twolittleboysonetiredmum Mon 09-Jul-18 06:10:09

B and q - about two years ago ish. Side light also smile

donkey86 Mon 09-Jul-18 09:52:42

Thanks, justdoone and butterflycookie! I’ve not been making them for very long so I appreciate the validation!

duggeehug85 Mon 09-Jul-18 09:56:07

This was mine! It's still not back up in the new place. It's from John Lewis and I love it!

keepingbees Mon 09-Jul-18 21:16:40

We have this from Dunelm:

SmiledWithTheRisingSun Tue 10-Jul-18 10:17:48

Thanks for all the pics!
Loving the John Lewis shades...

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