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Extra wide curtains. Where can I find them?

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isthismummy Fri 06-Jul-18 20:20:04

Moved into a new house and it has ridiculously wide windows in both the living room and main bedroom. I’ve measured and they are both 254wx160d!

I can’t find curtains to fit anywhere. I don’t think I can live with the cheap office type blinds that are up at the minute, but I can’t afford the £180+ per pair quotes I’m getting for made to measure.

Any suggestions as to where I can look would be hugely appreciated😊

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NotMeNoNo Fri 06-Jul-18 20:38:33

Can you use 228 x182 either get them shortened or just let them hang below the sill? Or buy floor length? Our house has those sort of windows too I feel your pain.

KatyMac Fri 06-Jul-18 20:42:51

Extra width is easy you just buy more sets of curtains

HeGotManFlu Fri 06-Jul-18 20:46:32

John Lewis do them, 260, 300, I think they go up to 400.

BlackHillsofDakota Fri 06-Jul-18 20:49:53

We have huge windows, as pp said we just buy two sets.

snowsun Fri 06-Jul-18 20:51:25

I ended up getting two pairs sewed together.

hendricksy Fri 06-Jul-18 20:57:00

Buy two pairs and get them sewn together or have them made . We have massive patio doors and had them made through Next . They are beautiful! But blardy expensive ..£1200!!

SavoyCabbage Fri 06-Jul-18 21:01:06

I like dunelm for curtains as they have all the lengths (sill, below sill and full length) in a few widths. Their full length are 228cm.

parklives Fri 06-Jul-18 21:03:57

Ebay, you can get much better quality ones for a fraction of the price of cheapo new ones, does take time and effort to find the right one though

MrsRubyMonday Fri 06-Jul-18 21:11:38

We recently bought very wide ones from Argos

bridgetosomewhere Fri 06-Jul-18 21:54:14

Our living room windows are 4.8m wide so we bought two sets of curtains to sew together.
Haven’t actually done it yet or sorted the pole out but I have the curtains!!

isthismummy Sat 07-Jul-18 08:09:26

Won’t 228 be lacking the width though? The window is 254 wide. Sorry if that’s a stupid question. Curtains are not my strong suitconfused

I didn’t think about getting two pairs sewn together. Would that work or would it potentially look odd? I’d have to pay some one to do it as I have zero skills in that department.

I’ve looked on John Lewis, but can’t find any suitable. It’s very expensive too. I’m on a tight budget which makes this even trickier. Will keep looking on EBay.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Much appreciatedsmile

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KatyMac Sat 07-Jul-18 08:18:33

You'd probably need about 4 of these super cheap (probabnly poor quality) but at 117 wide 4 would be 468 which is nearly double your window width and OK

You don't need to bother sewing them together - if you but linings buy 3 thant cover the widths and hang them together and if you don't just twiddle them each time you close them grin

TowerRingInferno Sat 07-Jul-18 08:23:06

We have very wide windows. I buy 2 sets of Ikea curtains and sew them together and also line them (they’re pretty thin otherwise) with lining material that’s can be bought really cheaply from eBay.

hendricksy Sat 07-Jul-18 08:24:30

Yes it works if you get someone who knows what they are doing . Avoid patterns and it's easier .

Katescurios Sat 07-Jul-18 08:26:45

If you but 228 width curtains, it means that each of the curtains is 228 wide.

If you have a 228 width window then that means the gather will be very full. If you window is slightly wider then you just have a little less gather but the window is still covered.

cece Sat 07-Jul-18 08:29:47

I bought some from Dunelm.

ProseccoPoppy Sat 07-Jul-18 08:35:55

Dunelm Mill go up to width 284cm on loads of their ready made curtains and with a 182cm drop (which I think would look about right with your windows) you can get them for just under £100 - eg -

Alternatively, though they would be a little bit skimpy you could try a 228cm width one as often I think that is the measurement for one of the curtains straightened out fully so with the two you would still be able to pull them together - they would just look less full. If you wanted to try that I recommend you try Shaws the Drapers - their curtains are very budget friendly (228w 182d come in at about £25 -£35 ish) - generally nice,lined, look good if sometimes a little bit thin depending on style. I have their curtains for my kids’ rooms (the children have blackout blinds so thin was fine). Eg -

fireplacetiles Sat 07-Jul-18 08:45:51

We have 4 huge bay windows, quote from John Lewis was nearly £800 a windowconfused, Dunelm was the only place I could find at a reasonable price that did curtains wide enough, paid £90 a pair and have 2 pairs on each bay and the quality is really good. Haven't bothered sewing mine together, you can't tell.

fireplacetiles Sat 07-Jul-18 08:48:01

In fact we have the vermont grey ones from the post above!

aliheat Sat 07-Jul-18 08:49:27

Track or pole? 228 wide eyelets would be fine on a pole but if you have a track or want pencil pleats then you need at least double to look okay.
As a general rule, 1.5 times the window for eyelet minimum. 2 times for track minimum.

Wingbing Sat 07-Jul-18 08:49:32

I have an extra wide window and I have two pairs. Didn’t even sew them together as you can’t see the join when they are up.

NotMeNoNo Sat 07-Jul-18 10:44:10

228 is the width of one curtain, so they will gather to about 1.9x fullness on your windows, if the fabric isn't too thin it will be fine. IVF you can go d wider ready made they will be great too. However you need to measure the whole track /pole as that's what the curtain attaches to.

One thing is that you see curtains open more than closed, if you have too much width and thick fabric then they may be bulky when pulled open.

LightAsTheBreeze Sat 07-Jul-18 16:39:49

Our windows measured about 270 and I always use John Lewis ready made 228 width and they are fine, worth looking in the JL clearance on at the moment

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