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Has anyone painted a night sky on wall/ceiling?

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fortunatepiggy1 Sun 01-Jul-18 08:11:39

Ds loves space and I'm planning on doing a space theme in his room. Has anyone painted a wall or ceiling like the night sky and if so what colour paint should I use? I was thinking navy rather than black but open to suggestions


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MissCherryCakeyBun Sun 01-Jul-18 09:47:24

I did this many years ago for my daughter and used a very dark indigo blue for hers the hint of purple kept it looking a little warmer and more realistic I then painted with a mix of the paint some varnish and tiny silver stars round the edges of the ceiling to bring it more to life. Larger stars laid out in constellations from the glow in the dark ones worked brilliantly. Have you considered adding the IKEA DeathStar light fitting? Also if you don't want go whole hog a friend also did a paint job on the ceiling that looked like the corner of the white was missing and the night sky showed through it was amazing and also easy to cover at a later date. Also it is helpful to paper the ceiling first with lining paper so when you want to remove the colour it's a case of stripping the paper and it won't involve endless coats of white paint

fortunatepiggy1 Sun 01-Jul-18 19:13:46


That is a very cool light!

Am now thinking I will just get wall stickers as will be easier to change in the future if he changes his mind

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Iwasjustabouttosaythat Mon 02-Jul-18 03:57:17

Decals are amazing! DS has a dinosaur theme but I’m thinking space for the spare room. I’m going for those stick on glow in the dark stars. Depends on your DS’s age of course whether this will keep him up talking all night.

I always wanted to get him this ceiling lamp but sadly we have LEDs:

QueenofWhisperz Mon 02-Jul-18 10:05:54

I did a day sky in my sons bedroom many years ago, it was light blue and I used cotton stuffing to make clouds.

He's asked for a night sky this time, so I'll be using a mix of navy and dark purple. I am also thinking of doing a line or two of green to make it look like the northern lights. I'll be using flecks of silver for the stars and make the virgo constellation for him. I'll probably be done in September/October and post a picture then if this thread is still active.

Livness12 Fri 06-Jul-18 20:14:57

I know this isn't quite the same, but have you ever seen these?

They are expensive, but it is honestly the most beautiful, mindful and soothing thing! Somehow really helps me sleep too. The light stays on for 4 hours and then switches off, and the stars move on the ceiling too (you can change the angle as well so it can be where you like).

My ceiling looks like this with it.

MaryandMichael Fri 06-Jul-18 20:16:05

My mother, in the kitchen, in the 1960s. It was up a day, then she made my dad repaint the whole thing white.

Buxbaum Tue 10-Jul-18 13:23:18

Yes, on just one wall of DD's bedroom. We used Little Greene Deep Space Blue and a big wall sticker of the moon from Koko Kids. It looks fabulous if I do say so myself.

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