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Help with my living room!

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Dinoraw Fri 22-Jun-18 14:02:21

So when we moved in we painted everything white. My hallway, bathroom, spare room, kitchen, living room etc. All white. I got really bored and pregnancy hormones made me paint the living room a blue colour. Which I do like but don't love.

I was looking over at pictures and found a pic of it white and I LOVE it. But everywhere else is white 😩
What do you prefer? I have loads of emulsion left over to repaint but I do like the blue and feel like it breaks it up a lot.
Help? Or any other colour ideas I'd be greatful. I like period properties and dramatic colours in them. But I can't afford a period property house and I feel like the blue looks really.. Odd just on four flat walls..

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ApocalypseNowt Sat 23-Jun-18 06:40:07

I love that blue! My Pinterest board is full of similar blues as I'm thinking of painting my living room that colour!

I think it looks strong and not odd at all smile

Sleephead1 Sat 23-Jun-18 06:45:17

love the blue think it looks great personally don't like the white so much but I'm not a fan of all white

WildCherryBlossom Sat 23-Jun-18 08:10:14

Definitely keep the blue!

ApocalypseNowt Sat 23-Jun-18 08:16:17

Also, can you let me know what blue paint you used? smile

I think all white can be a bit meh but then I am partial to colour!

sleepycat13 Sat 23-Jun-18 08:26:01

keep the blue! it looks great

Fairylea Sat 23-Jun-18 08:30:40

The blue is nice but I personally couldn’t live with it, too dark for me. I’d go for the white and change the accessories to add some colour that way.

user1471530109 Sat 23-Jun-18 08:30:42

I'm intrigued...why 2 clocks? And why do they say different times?

WipsGlitter Sat 23-Jun-18 08:39:01

I love the blue. Is it on all the walls?

Dinoraw Sat 23-Jun-18 09:39:47

The two clocks haha, I'm a sucker for vintage finds and Carboots. They're the 60s sundial clocks. The top one has bad a bit of wear and tear and no longer works but the bottom one works perfectly smile I just love collecting them. I'll get back later about the blue, I'll have to find it out the shed and let you all know smile I will say one thing about the colour, it isn't very hard wearing. I only have to put a picture up and it'll scratch off sad

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MelissaElderflower Sat 23-Jun-18 20:43:58

Blue is gorgeous!

InterstellarSleepingElla Sat 23-Jun-18 21:22:28

Love the blue and love the mantle.

MelissaElderflower Sun 24-Jun-18 00:10:42

Well, I think I love especially the dark colour, that's very stylish, reminds me pictures from an interior magazines, but you can try different colour, or perhaps some wallpaper?

Mrsramsayscat Sun 24-Jun-18 12:27:53

I'd keep the blue theme but change the shade to Inchrya blue. Best of both worlds- gorgeous dramatic new blue, but helps with the itchy feet!

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