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What would you have ? , pic included

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thefootofourstairs Thu 21-Jun-18 11:42:10

finished the decorating and new fire installed . Wondering what to put in the alcove . A mirror , maybe ? Had wall lights before . The bench has been brought in from another room just to avoid bareness for now .
what do you think ?

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Netta0306 Thu 21-Jun-18 12:14:55

Does anyone have a glass splash back in their kitchen to coordinate with a pastel green SMEG fridge. What colour did you go for?

thefootofourstairs Thu 21-Jun-18 18:17:54

wrong thread ?

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slinkysaluki Thu 21-Jun-18 20:42:50

Floating shelves possibly ?

slinkysaluki Thu 21-Jun-18 20:49:47

What about those shelves you can get like box frames they'd look nice

Tractorprincess Thu 21-Jun-18 22:43:14

I'm not sure but my living room is very similar to yours by looks of it and I still haven't put anything above my fire place.

What are you having above the fireplace?

MikeUniformMike Fri 22-Jun-18 01:52:43

I'd be tempted to have cupboards and floating shelves.

Monty27 Fri 22-Jun-18 02:15:44

Definitely a mirror depending on where light comes in for reflection. It's too bland imho. You need colour. Pictures, cushions and stuff. It's beautifully done but plain. I love the fire.

kirta Fri 22-Jun-18 02:32:31

I think is put a shelf there. Photos or books on if. Or, it looks fine if you're going for a minimal look.

Monty27 Fri 22-Jun-18 02:41:26

There's minimal and then there's bland. Two different things.

slinkysaluki Fri 22-Jun-18 08:28:28

Or something like this

villageshop Fri 22-Jun-18 12:34:17

Low cabinet with shelves above, fitted wall to wall.

Maverick66 Fri 22-Jun-18 19:34:45

What village says

overmydeadbody Fri 22-Jun-18 19:36:53

Agree with village.

You need storage and shelving, will help to make it look homely rather than hotely.

Tulipvase Fri 22-Jun-18 19:41:29

A nice table with a collection of photos in frames? And a lamp probably. Love lamps. Mirror above fire.

MelissaElderflower Sat 23-Jun-18 03:20:13

I would like fitted wall shelves, but take a look at some alcove living room ideas on internet.

thefootofourstairs Sat 23-Jun-18 20:28:38

thanks for all the suggestions. I like the idea of shelves , not sure though as the alcoves are massive and the ceilings very high , would it work ? monty27 It's only temporarily bland as we have just finished decorating , cant wait to buy some cushions and homely stuff smile

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Misty9 Sat 23-Jun-18 22:45:42

Ikea do quite a nice glass doors white display cabinet type thing. We've got one in an alcove and it looks good. What period is the house? You could get a drinks.cabinet or bureau to match the period if say 30s?

dudsville Sat 23-Jun-18 22:49:18

I'd move the sofa over a bit and put a comfy chair and reading lamp.

furandchandeliers Sat 23-Jun-18 23:04:41

Shelves and cupboards built in the alcove and a mirror above the fireplace smile

Monty27 Sun 24-Jun-18 02:06:23

thefootofourstairs shelving can be pricey
Don't do family framed photos.
You could do soft furnishings in bright colours and pictures on the walls.
I love glass and ceramic accessories as well.
It's exciting 😃

MakeMeAFloozy Sun 24-Jun-18 02:11:13

My lounge is very similar. We put a glass display cabinet from ikea in there.
It looks great now

Monty27 Sun 24-Jun-18 02:14:12

Arty rather than filling it up with stuff.
Add stuff as you can afford it. There's no hurry. It is beautifully decorated.
Quality not quantity.
It's better nothing than something wrong.
You need to know your own taste and build on that. smile

thefootofourstairs Sun 24-Jun-18 10:34:59

just looking at Ikea , is it a HEMNES makemeafloozy and misty9 ?

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Misty9 Sun 24-Jun-18 19:08:17

Yes. this one smile mostly full of Lego in our case!

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