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What's the next trend?

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fortunatepiggy1 Sun 17-Jun-18 19:31:41

I have today bought myself a geometric copper candle lantern which was reduced in Sainsbury's so I realise that as I'm just getting into this trend it is on the way out! Must try harder! What is the next home decor trend that I can get in on from the start? My home is beige central so I need some inspiration!

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fortunatepiggy1 Sun 17-Jun-18 19:40:35

And I've just painted a room grey too so I am about a year and a half behind i reckon!

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MarkleAndSpencer Sun 17-Jun-18 21:32:18

I'm not sure if it's hit peak yet but those black and white moroccan rugs are everywhere. Can't remember what they're called. And vintage suzanis in country houses. I know it's a cliche but i really do think it's best to go with what you love and pay no attention to trends. Although sometimes it's hard to see the wood for tje trees!

Iwasjustabouttosaythat Mon 18-Jun-18 03:47:40

I thought I heard velvet was about to be a thing? Like, a velvet sofa. They said it would be short lived though so only for those desperate to be in trend. I cannot imagine trying to keep that clean in my house.

Monty27 Mon 18-Jun-18 03:53:47

Why be a follower? Do what you like. Have what you like. My house is described as quirky. I have a tight budget and do the best I can.

fortunatepiggy1 Mon 18-Jun-18 18:48:31

Don't want to be a follower but I want to experiment!

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SwedishEdith Mon 18-Jun-18 18:50:26

Pink is now. And green - dark like dark blue is atm.

ItsNiceItsDifferentItsUnusual Mon 18-Jun-18 19:01:35

Things that are happening now (judging by the interiors mags I read):

- Botanicals - esp leafy prints on everything
- Pink highlights. Seems to have replaced mustard
- Chevrons
- Terrariums
- Gold stuff - taps in a kitchen, bathroom for instance
- Dark blue cupboards for the kitchen
-Throws on the bed. Every bloody bed in every bloody magazine spread has a throw artfully draped at the end.

I like all these things, by the way, I'm not having a dig!

Don't have the foggiest what's coming next though. I'm a reader of trends not a setter...

Iwasjustabouttosaythat Tue 19-Jun-18 04:04:13

Can we say 70s is back? All that getting in touch with nature, moving the outdoors in, “organic” textures etc.

Monty27 Tue 19-Jun-18 04:16:44

I had decorating done two years ago. Kitchen/dining room. I took the colour chart out to the garden and matched the colour of the grass. It still looks lovely. Not all green, there's a white cotton as well. I still love it and couldn't care less if it was trendy or not. smile

Freetogo Tue 19-Jun-18 04:51:37

Scandi must still be in? I bloody hope so anyway grin

ItsNiceItsDifferentItsUnusual Tue 19-Jun-18 05:46:39

Yeah I think we're probably hitting peak scandi. I've just replaced two pieces of furniture with scandi looking stuff so that means it's probably on the way out 😂

That reminds me - mid century style furniture. I think that's current, but not close to over yet (cue people telling me I'm very behind...)

Iwasjustabouttosaythat Tue 19-Jun-18 07:57:36

I have to say, I just read today that mid century is almost over. smile

Iwasjustabouttosaythat Tue 19-Jun-18 07:58:42

I think a lot of it is quite classic/timeless though, like those big arching lamps. I’m sure they have a proper name...

ItsNiceItsDifferentItsUnusual Tue 19-Jun-18 08:26:08

Yes that's a point. My friend had one of those arching lamps at least 5 years ago, so that's says it all grin

I find I hate new trends, then see it everywhere and come round to it just in time for it to be over. Same with clothes.

neurotransmittens Tue 19-Jun-18 08:51:38

Go with what you love and if you are drawn towards something then get it, regardless of theme or trend.
I can’t bear planned colour schemes, especially two-toned. My interior walls are light and are the same colour throughout, this might be boring and unadventurous for some but I have a small home so I don’t need dark walls to close me in. I use colour elsewhere (I have eclectic taste when it comes to home furnishings)
Enjoy your choices because of the passion and love behind each. If you like something that is popular at the time (or if you think it’s on its way out smile) then buy something you feel is worth keeping and it will never go out of style in your home. There’s nothing wrong with beige either, it is a good base imo.

Hellywelly10 Tue 19-Jun-18 08:58:10

Staying with the 70's vibe. Spider plants are all the rage.

Iwasjustabouttosaythat Tue 19-Jun-18 09:32:58

Oh that’s bringing back childhood memories. And not in a good way. wink

ItsNiceItsDifferentItsUnusual Tue 19-Jun-18 10:13:54

Just saw this and made me smile

Pink accents ✅
Gold hardware ✅
Chevrons ✅

That being said, it's lovely and infinitely better than my kitchen grin

Zoflorabore Tue 19-Jun-18 10:47:22

I love house stuff and don't care what in/out--shake it all about-- and my home is a work in progress as always but here's what I currently have-

Hot pink accessories in my kitchen
Mustard accessories in my living room
Black/grey/silver in my bathroom
Aubergine throw on my bed ( to see if I like it which I do, room is very plain )

Several ombré vases dotted about.
A feature wall in my bathroom.
Blingy light fittings
Really bright cushions from Orla K.
Tons of nice storage baskets on show.
A gorgeous cream lacy mannequin in my living room.
A huge print of a peacock.

See what I mean? Complete mish mash of stuff but it all ties in together quite nicely.

dontcallmelen Tue 19-Jun-18 15:15:18

Yy go with what you love & what pleases the eye, my house is a bit of a mish mash too, but it makes me happy.

Ketzele Tue 19-Jun-18 16:02:13

I'm really interested in interiors trends, but definitely don't lead the pack myself. I reckon to do that you must have a shitload of money, or be a passionate DIY-er, since most of us expect to repaint a wall only once every few years, if that. (Tell me I'm not wrong about that!)

Also, I live in a house with lots of little rooms, and lots of clutter. I love strong colour but I don't want to look like an explosion in a paint factory, either, so the spine of the house (the entrance, stairs, halls) are all a very pale grey, with a darker grey on the bannisters and doors and very little on the walls. Then each room is like a little jewel box opening off the pale. But because you can easily stand in the hall and see into four rooms, I've got quite a limited palette running through the house (basically grey-green-blue, with either mustard or burnt orange or pink accents). That makes it calmer, I reckon. It also makes it harder to make radical changes very often.

Basically, everything I love is at saturation point: dark blue kitchens, grey, grey with yellow, grey with pink, mid century modern, a touch of Orla Kiely.

I reckon pale pink will peak soon, and be replaced by darker, warmer pinks, peaches and terracottas. I'm definitely sitting terracotta out (I was there last time round) but I am just painting my bedroom a dusky rose pink, rather than blush, and accenting it with green - I reckon green has a way to go.

I think grey has had its day (though that's not going to stop me) and the new neutral might be brown - either dark chocolate brown like Abigal Aherne, or lighter taupes. I rather like taupe - so long as it's cool, not peachy - and there's only so many places you can go in pursuit of a neutral-that-goes-with-everything.

Mainly, though, I think the dark room thing and the muddy colours will be replaced by brighter, clearer colours - perhaps strong pastels used together, with mint green with sugar pink or baby blue. It will be colour blocked and contrasted to keep it grown up, but for me it's still too reminiscent of the 'white with a hint of tint' paints I used on my first flat, and I'll not be going there.

Last prediction: more hippy stuff. Hairy macramé, cork walls and floors, hanging baskets, chicken bricks [shudder].

When I left home 35 years ago, I decorated my room pale neutral, with lots of dark wood Victorian furniture and retro touches - and lots of green. I'm pretty much still doing that, though evolving round the edges to nod to trends. I expect most of us are the same.

Oh, and when I do something that's high fashion, I try not to invest in it. For example, my dd1 wanted rose gold accessories in her blue bedroom. I just bought a pot of Annie Sloane copper wax (costs about a fiver) and rubbed it onto her mirror frame, clock, desk and drawer handles etc. It worked a dream, and we didn't have to throw anything out.

Ketzele Tue 19-Jun-18 16:02:40

God I do yak on blush. Sorry, everybody.

athingthateveryoneneeds Tue 19-Jun-18 16:06:00

My SIL lives in America and was painting chevrons on her bathroom walls 5 years ago. Are they only just now coming over here?

Ketzele Tue 19-Jun-18 16:18:25

I have to say I think chevrons are no longer white hot - they've been in Wilkos for at least a couple of years!

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