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Kitchen splashback ideas

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ss2011 Sat 16-Jun-18 08:21:23

I need help deciding on a kitchen splashback...which we want to be a bit of a feature in our kitchen.......We are getting a range cooker and thinking of just having a splashback just the width of that between the cooker and hood..with the rest just painted. Kitchen is Howdens fairford in graphite (grey). We are having a greyey/buff stone style porcelain floor and a white quartz workshop (with a teeny bit of sparkle). We were originally thinking of some patterned tiles and I really like Fired earth Andalusia bodegas, but wonder if they look a bit bathroomy and if blue is a bit cold with grey. Also have found a grey and white patterned glass splashback that Laura Ashley do (wicker charcoal)- but it’s more expensive than putting a few tiles up. We are not really bound to any colour schemes as we are (eek) repainting our whole Downstairs....... any ideas?

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LadyDuplo Sat 16-Jun-18 08:39:57

Watching with interest as this OP is spookily similar to our situation.

New kitchen is likely to be dove grey, also with a range. We're getting a white oak floor and worktops in white / grey with a bit of a fleck.

My Dh is desperate for blue metro tiles. I've raised exactly the same concern regarding it being too bathroomy! I'd prefer patterned tiles.

I've considered a terracotta colour, copper, and my Dh has also suggested lime....

Im about to google what you've mentioned.

I'm feeling a bit stressed about the whole situation- which is ridiculously daft. But it's so much money I'm scared of getting it wrong.

Imchlibob Sat 16-Jun-18 08:59:48

I have just had a Howdens kitchen installed and I got a (non-howdens) glass splashback which looks absolutely stunning, I am so happy with it.

I do have a specific colour scheme so I paid a little more for a custom colour to fit, but suppliers tend to have a decent range of 'standard' colours.

The glass makes a huge contribution to the wow-factor of the kitchen. I have a shiney granite worktops which (unless I am actually cooking in which case the place looks like a bombsite) shows a mirror-reflection, and the reflection continues in the shine of the glass splashback. It's lovely.

Example image (random from a google - not the company I used)

bouncydog Sat 16-Jun-18 09:00:25

You could extend the quartz worktop to make a splasback above the cooker. Alternatively if you fancied some sort of picture there are companies that will make these for you in glass with the picture on the back.

We extended our granite worktop to incorporate a splash back behind the hob with painted walls. Now having to investigate putting glass splash backs as DH has managed to splash oil on the wall at the side of the hob which even degreaser won’t remove!

StruggsToFunc Sat 16-Jun-18 10:50:04

We are currently installing a Howdens Fairford in slate grey. Quartz worktops with a slight blue-grey vein. We’re having quartz upstands at the back of the worktops and a quartz splash back behind the hob. Having stained grout with turmeric on more than one occasion I wanted to avoid tiles at all costs. My preference was to have a tough, scrubbable paint which can be easily touched up if necessary.

StruggsToFunc Sat 16-Jun-18 10:52:12

@LadyDuplo have you considered metro tiles laid in a herringbone pattern? It somehow removes the connotations of Victorian public loos.

ss2011 Sat 16-Jun-18 11:16:50

Thanks everyone, lots of ideas! I had not thought about extending the quartz....wondering if they might even do that with an off cut....anyone got any pics? The glass looks lovely too though ....

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LadyDuplo Sat 16-Jun-18 12:41:20

Thanks struggs - I think we have considered every tile in every position and now we're just tile blind....

I'm thinking that a bare brick wall effect would look nice now.

We're going for handless units - and I'm now starting to doubt that too 🤯😩

Ketzele Sun 17-Jun-18 19:10:47

This is not going to be the cheap option, but I love these etched splashbacks from Jo Gibbs

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