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Cheap linen curtains

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AskMeHow Sun 27-May-18 15:45:46

Is there such a thing? Or curtains that look like linen/have a texture like it.

I want curtains in a biscuit-y sort of colour to cover two fairly large windows. Everything I've seen on the internet looks like £200ish per pair.

Considering I've ordered made to measure blinds for less than that for both windows I'm really struggling with paying that! Any ideas?

mimibunz Sun 27-May-18 15:50:01

LinenMe might have something. Or Wayfair.

Otterseatpuffinsdontthey Sun 27-May-18 15:51:44


Hjc08 Sun 27-May-18 16:05:14

I have some like you describe but in light grey. Got them from Amazon by Tony's Textiles for around £30 and for a very wide window. They do them in Mocha and cream as well.

Knittedfairies Sun 27-May-18 17:58:25

Depends what colour your biscuits are and how big the curtains need to be, but some here:

ggirl Tue 29-May-18 21:33:30

I have some gorgeous linen floor length curtains I got from LaRedoute in one of their 40% off sales.
selection here they sell them singularly not in pairs

Sunnyshores Tue 29-May-18 21:38:12

Laredoute have a sale today.

wowfudge Thu 31-May-18 19:15:56

I got samples of linen and linen look fabrics from Curtains2Go who I thought were reasonably priced. Haven't got round to sorting out the curtains yet!

AskMeHow Tue 05-Jun-18 22:42:25

Bought these in the end! Not linen or really look like it tbh but they're really soft and drape beautifully. For thin curtains they do a really good job of blocking out light.

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